Creating a Cozy Backyard Porch For Fall and Winter Weather

By: United Benefit Partners

Your backyard porch might get more use in the warmer seasons like spring and summer but gets less use during the colder seasons of fall and winter. With a couple of cozy elements, you can create a perfect hosting environment to enjoy the outdoors during the colder season. 

Incorporating more cozy outdoor furniture will make for better hosting space and there are a couple of cozy options for guests. You can try wooden chairs with straw seats that won’t be too cold and can withstand the weather or furniture pieces with cloth cushions that can be removed for easy cleaning and storage. My personal favorite is snuggling up with a cozy blanket on a traditional rocking chair. 

Another cozy touch for your porch is having some spare flannel blankets kept on a blanket ladder that will help keep guests warm and are easy to clean that you can match with your seasonal décor. You can also keep your guests warm with a firepit, outdoor space heaters, or patio heater choosing an option that best suits your space and needs. 

You can also decorate your porch with a cute seasonal display with pumpkins, gourds, and fall-themed foliage featured with some rustic crates that you can light up with some electric lanterns, tea lights, or fairy lights. When winter comes, you can bust out a small Christmas tree covered in snow and hang a string of ornaments or faux snow-covered foliage along your banister with some lights. 

Wreaths are traditionally for the front door, but you can also feature one on the outside the backdoor for your porch. You can purchase one pre-made if you find one you like or you can make your own if you’re feeling crafty. 

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