Tips for Landing your Dream Job 

Every other graduate...waits for graduation day to think about applying for a job; well, that’s okay. If you have some experience, 2-4 internships are recommended. When applying, apply weekly, even on the weekends. 

When you have another interview but have another option  
Interview with every option, so you know what's out there. Take time to let anyone know that you have another chance of back up and even one on the way to your first.

 Using References  
Tell your references before using them as a reference. You are not imposing in the middle of their day to give them a phone call. Usually, any professor will put in an excellent word for their students, and their contact information can be found by typing in your college name and professor's name on the web. If you have an intuition about someone, that's a sign not to use them as a reference. 

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