Financial stress is a massive problem today given the uncertainty in the economy amidst the pandemic. Here are ways to deal with this stress. 

The prevalence of technology in society has major benefits, but also comes with serious side effects we should be aware of.  

Our mood is something that needs to be paid attention to, and we need to maximize our chances to bein the best mood possible consistently.  


Work is arguably the greatest source of stress in our lives, even if we love our jobs. Here are a few hacks however to help you have a smooth workday. 


Walking is an act we take for granted everyday, and there are plenty of amazing benefits to walks that should be taken advantage of.  


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Motivation is a complex thing to try and master and control, especially when it comes to work-related situations where you may not be in your best mental state.  

How to Work More Efficiently  

If you are going to properly deal with the pressure that is correlated with your job and effectively complete your different work assignments.  

The Importance of Learning to Say "No"   

While not an easy thing to do, being able to say “no” is crucial in many situations in your work and social life to preserve your mental health.