Each company has a human resources department with some offering a complimentary Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide assistance in dealing with mental health. 



A study indicates that 1 in 5 Americans will experience a mental health condition and these people can also be impacted as they care for loved ones. There are resources to help address mental health such as a complimentary Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that connects employees to professional, confidential help with work, family, and personal issues.

Seeking help through an EAP is free for employees to gain access to licensed professional counselors and other specialists to help work through issues like family/relationship issues, stress, financial concerns, depression, and substance abuse. An EAP can help with short-term counseling, critical incident support, work/life balance, and financial assistance.

Employees can see short-term counseling with services for you or a loved one needs counseling for issues surrounding family, mental health, stress, and concerns of issues impacting your life. Short-term counseling is available in a variety of sessions such as telephone calls, video chat, or in-person at no cost and counselors can also refer you to long-term assistance if you need additional help.
EAPs also offer critical incident support in the event of a crisis occurring in the workplace or within your area of the organization. In this instance, EAPs send support staff directly to the designated area to assist you and your coworkers if needed.
Finding a perfect work/life balance can be difficult but employees can receive help with an EAP in handling stress. The EAP will also help connect you with local resources to save you time and can also help connect care for your children or older loved ones also offering legal assistance if needed.
EAPs can also grant financial assistance as money is a big contribution to impacting physical and mental health resulting in stress. Utilizing your EAP resources can help with financial problems such as credit issues, debt management, and budgeting that can be referred to as local resources. Some programs also assist with negotiating uncovered medical bills that will help reduce the financial burden for employees.
EAPs vary with services offered but you can learn more by consulting with your Human Resources department to gain access to resources to help you. EAPs cost nothing for employees and often offer confidential assistance 24/7.