Why Unplugging from Technology Could Change Your Life 

The prevalence of technology in society has major benefits, but also comes with serious side side effects we should be aware of.  


Over the last decade, the smartphone has revolutionized our society. The average adult now can spend up to 12 hours a day in front of screens from either their computer or their phone. While there are some incredible benefits to our explosion of technology such as the ease in which we can now communicate, there are also many downsides associated with being in front of a screen this often.

If technology is used too much, one’s lifestyle may be negatively impacted and prone to serious health problems. The overuse of technology can be associated with insomnia, vision problems, and even depression. Although technology is likely not responsible for your sources of stress, it can be a reminder of the stressful aspects of your social and work life. This is why it may be a good idea to move away from the overuse of our devices, especially when it is not necessary.

A lessened use of technology can not only eliminate your risks of stress and other more severe health issues, but it can also come with some serious benefits as well. You will find that using social media less, for example, may place you in a more mindful and grateful state of being. You will be more likely to find value in the greater meanings of life and will place less focus on more material aspects of society that can often be highlighted through technology. Many people also rely on technology as their primary source of communicating with other people, but it truly is not the same. If you begin to rely on this less, you will find yourself more motivated to strengthen the relationships in your life.

Of course, we know that it is unrealistic and unnecessary to entirely unplug from technology. Quite honestly, the benefits of technology probably do outweigh the negatives. Being mindful of the extent to which you use your devices, however, will only lead to some amazing new benefits.