Our mood is something that needs to be paid attention to, and we need to maximize our chances to bein the best mood possible consistently.


A consistent mood is arguably the most important factor to having an overall high quality of life. There are many things we can do to put ourselves in good moods. The easiest way is probably just to have things in your life that are positive and put you in a good mood! However, there are also dietary options that are more likely to have us in good moods as well. Here are supplements to think about if you are looking to feel more positive.

Ginkgo Biloba
This plant which is indigenous to China has been used to fight a wide variety of both physical and mental health issues for centuries. Studies find that it has an ability to improve brain health, mood, focus, and energy through its ability to increase dopamine levels in the long term.

Curcumin can be found inside turmeric, which can be taken as a capsule of an extract. Like Ginkgo, curcumin catalyzes the release of the hormone dopamine. This can help fight against depression in the long term, and simply improve your mood in the short term.

Throughout this list, you will notice that dopamine levels are critical to your mood. Magnesium can be rather difficult to acquire in significant doses through food alone, but certainly can be acquired safely through supplements. There is evidence that having a magnesium deficiency also will lower your dopamine levels, so it is necessary to have supplemented in this case.

It may be quite obvious to you that caffeine can provide you with energy and focus, but what you may not have known is that this is done by increasing your dopamine receptor levels and therefore improving brain performance. Over the long term, this can have a tremendous positive impact on your mood.