For American adults aged from 18-79, data shows us that one of the most prevalent sources of stress and anxiety is from our jobs. Besides just not feeling well often, this stress from work can have long-term health consequences that raise our chances of developing heart disease and metabolic syndrome. While stress from all areas of life is natural, there are some specific actions we can take to help us lessen the stress that stems from work. 



Make Sure You Have A Good Morning

Your morning really sets the tone for the entire day, even if the events of the morning itself are less important. The window of time before you are officially working is your chance to set your vision for the day and build positive momentum going into the tasks you have ahead of you. Of course, not everything will go smoothly every morning, but the key is to control what you can control and maintain a positive mindset through these hours. 

Do Not Multitask

Although the idea of juggling multiple tasks at once sounds great on the surface, the reality is that it often means that neither task is done exactly how it should be. In addition, having multiple tasks on your plate at once provides you with the feeling of clutter and disorganization, which is a key factor that goes into being stressed out.

Make Good Use Of Your Lunchbreak

If you have coworkers or other factors about your workplace that stress you out or that you feel you need a break from, your lunch break is truly your best friend. However, far too many people spend the time doing things that do not relieve stress or even worse may exacerbate their stress. Don’t make this mistake. Take a walk, listen to music, or get a delicious meal. Maximize this time to the fullest.  

Create An Environment That Breeds Success 

In a similar concept to avoiding multitasking, it is important to realize that stress is often caused by clutter. Whether this is a clutter of assignments and things to do or simply physical disorganization, it is important to handle these instances.
 Make sure your desk and workspace are clean and tidy. You should realize that half of the battle of beating stress is simply to trick yourself that you are on top of your work. Soon, this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.