Walking is an act we take for granted everyday, and there are plenty of amazing benefits to walks that should be taken advantage of. 


Walking is an activity that truly is taken for granted in our society. It is accessible to a wide variety of people of different ages and fitness levels and does not require any equipment other than a pair of shoes. Many people try to find complicated ways to work out and reach their fitness goals but end up overlooking the impact simply walking may have on your health. Here are a few reasons why you should take walks every day. 


Burning Calories
 Walking may not burn calories as quickly as running can, but it still will burn a good amount of them and may be better long-term for weight loss goals. This is because more intense exercise such as running is also more associated with increased hunger, which can dash your burnt calories quickly. Walking may just be the preferential way to sustain a calorie burn.


Cardiovascular Health
 If you walk just 15minutes a day for every day of the week, you will have a drastically reduced chance of developing heart diseases, which can effectively tack extra years onto your life. The more you walk, the lower the chance you develop heart diseases.


Improve Mental Health
 Studies show that simply taking one walk can instantly improve your mood in the short term. In the long term, consistently taking walks means reducing symptoms of clinical mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Walks also have a tendency to boost your confidence and self-esteem!
Stimulate Your Mind
 If you ever are faced with a difficult decision or need to find inspiration for any endeavors, walks are your best friend. This is primarily because when you are walking, you are outdoors and all of your senses are active. You are experiencing new things and are making observations that can trigger larger inspiration. 

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