Earlier this month, the legendary comedian signed a contract for his second comedy special on the streaming giant. This time, Netflix plans to take things to another level by streaming the performance life worldwide.

It will be the world’s first live show on any streaming platform. Netflix is excited about getting Chris Rock on board for the historic event. While the date of the first-of-its-kind comedy special is not yet announced, it is set to stream in early 2023.


Chris Rock – The Legendary Comedian

Chris Rock’s career in comedy took off with his appearance on Saturday Night Live from 1990 to 1993. After SNL, Rock wrote and appeared in comedy specials, including ‘Bring the Pain’ (1996), ‘Bigger & Blacker’ (1999), ‘Never Scared’ (2004), and ‘Kill the Messenger’ (2008). He also wrote and produced a sitcom, ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ (2005-2009), and a talk show, ‘The Chris Rock Show’ (1997-2000).

From April to November 2022, Rock was on his Ego Death World Tour. The comedian performed various shows across the US and UK as part of the tour. As of December 2022, Rock has various comedy shows scheduled in California with fellow comedian Dave Chappelle.


Netflix is a Joke: The Festival

Netflix has yet to disclose the date of its first-ever live comedy event show, but the platform is not new to comedy specials. Netflix is a Joke: the Festival was a live comedy show festival held from April to May 2022.

It featured 330 comedians performing at 35 venues in California. The comedy specials from the festival are available to stream on Netflix.


Netflix Is Redefining Content For Audience Once More

With the binge-watching phenomenon, Netflix redefined enjoying movies and TV shows for its viewers. The popularity of the streaming platform and the freedom to watch content at any time led to TV channels and media companies forming their own streaming platforms.

Netflix did not stop there. In 2018, the platform aired a unique episode for one of its original shows ‘Black Mirror.’ The episode, titled “Bandersnatch,” provided the audience with a video-game-like experience where they could choose the actions of the show’s main character.

‘Bandersnatch’ (2018) provided options of actions, called choice points, throughout the episode. Depending on the options selected at choice points, the episode had different endings with different subsequent consequences for the character.


With the live performance, Netflix is again bringing a one-of-a-kind experience to its viewers. Chris Rock’s live performance on Netflix is a part of ‘Netflix is a Joke: the Festival.’