Iconic Songstress Joni Mitchell Makes Sensational Comeback Announcement for 2023 Stage Revival

Joni Mitchell is one of the first women to make a name for herself in modern rock. Over the years, she has achieved immense recognition and exceptional longevity in her music career.

In 2015, Joni Mitchell experienced a brain aneurysm and had been out of the public eye since. After taking a long break, she made a surprise appearance at the Newport Folk Festival in July, and the fans were thrilled.

While performing at Newport, she played some of her favorites, including “The Circle Game” and “A Case of You,” in addition to some standard songs. Joni Mitchell went on stage with Carlile, Wynonna Judd, and Marcus Mumford, and the band was unsure of how much she’d be able to sing.

The band members didn’t know she planned to sing to the extent to which she did. They thought it was only a jam, but Mitchell surprised everyone by playing all the leads of the songs. They say Michelle always has a plan and knows exactly what she wants to do, even if she doesn’t say it out loud.

“Joni at Newport was historical. It reminded us all of what is possible through the love of music. For the ‘Joni Jam kids,’ who’ve been playing for and with Joni for the past few years. Newport happened so fast! It was an hour and fifteen minutes that felt like a single second. No one knew for sure what Joni would do and no one ever knows for sure what Joni will do! It’s one of the things that makes her so sparkly and dangerously cool. When the dust settled, a few things hung in the air for me.” Brandi Carlile posted on Instagram after the show.

Carlile continues, “The other thing that became glaringly clear for both me and Joni was that there needed to be another performance. It was just too damn much fun for her, and for us all! We were up all night just wishing we could relive it. I spent the last few months dreaming up a way that we actually can!”

Joni Mitchell’s fellow singer Brandi Carlile says you will see Mitchell again on stage in 2023. Brandi announced on “The Daily Show” during an interview with host Trevor Noah.

She also said that Mitchell will join her in the Echoes Through the Canyon” in June 2023. The show will take place at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington State.

Carlile told Trevor Noah that Mitchell wanted to do another show after her appearance at the Newport Folk Festival. Carlile continued by saying that no one has been able to buy a ticket to see Mitchell play in over 20 years, which makes this a huge deal. She also added that Mitchell is excited as she will perform close to Canada.

Mitchell and Carlile don’t just sing together but are also really close friends. Mitchell also introduced Carlile at the annual Grammy Awards.